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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chicken Ring

This is a fabulous dish and the fam just loves it! I found this recipe through Pampered Chef. But, I changed it up a bit, because that's how I roll.

Chicken Ring
1 cup mayonnaise
6 tablespoons Grey Poupon, ( I just squirted til I thought it was sufficient)
2 stalks celery
1 tablespoon onion chopped
3 to 4 chicken breasts cubed
4 slices bacon, crispy cooked, chopped or a 2 handfuls of bacon bits.
4 ounces (1 cup) shredded cheese (any)
2 packages of refrigerated crescent rolls (16)
or 2 large refrigerated crescent rolls (12)
I had 1/2 cup of craisins and it gave it a really nice sweet surprise.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Combine all ingredients and mix well.

Unroll crescent dough and separate into 16 triangles,
arrange triangles in a circle onto the 13-inch round stone,
with wide ends overlapping each other in the center and the points toward the outside.
Have a five inch diameter opening in the center of the stone. Scoop the chicken mixture evenly across the widest end of the triangle. Bring outside points of triangles up over filling and tuck under wide ends of dough at center of ring. (filling will not be completely covered).

Bake ring 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from the oven immediately sprinkle with remaining 1/4 cup of cheese.


the mama hood said...

Yummy!! Looks like I will be making these this weekend! Thanks! :D

jenny jones said...

I am not a cook - but that looks great!!!! I am adding you to my page so I can come back and get this recipe!!! - THANKS!!!! O me and I see COOKIES YUMMY!!!!!

Angie said...

this looks divine! i'm going to try it soon! keep up the good work!

Will+Candace Fox said...

is this the dinner you brought to me the day i came home from the hospital with Zoe? if it is, because it looks fimilar i just want to tell you again that it was AMAZING! i loved it!