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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chocolate covered strawberries

Fresh strawberries
Bakers white chocolate
bakers milk chocolate fast melting

Heat in a double boiler white chocolate and milk chocolate seperately.
heat in a bowl in microwave in 30 minute increments each chocolate.

Wash strawberries and let dry completely. If water gets into chocolate it will ruin the chocolate.

Dip half of the strawberry into the chocolate and let dry. Once dry and cooled dip the other half of the strawberry into the white chocolate. If you really want to fancy it up add little chocolate buttons (dots) down the white side.

These can look like true tuxedo shirts. Be sure to dip the strawberry from the tip all the way to the end of the stem. REMOVE the leaves and leave only the stem.
I have been feeling a little icky when I did these and just wanted the taste and appeal of a good dipped strawberry. This is not the season for strawberries but OH MY GOODNESS!!! THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY DIVINE!!!!


Andy & JeNece said...

Hey do I post a recipe??

Chrys said...

You need to email me at your email address so I can add you as an author. If you have Tiff's email. I can send an invite to her and she will be able to post to the blog as well. Then you will be able to upload pics and post whatever recipe you would like! I can't wait!! Send in your faves. Bill has been happy because I have been cooking tons. Well, I like to bake so our waste bands have been expanding. I just need to work so I can share it there instead of having it at home.