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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hawaiian Style Flankin short RIBS

These babies are as good as they look! Oh my oh my! You will definitely want to try these. They will have people coming back for more!
5 lbs beef flankin ribs
dark kikoman soy sauce
brown sugar
4 gloves garlic
1/2 stem of fresh ginger

Substitutions may be used:: You may use garlic in a jar or ginger spice. It is mo' betta if you use the real kine as opposed to da fake, you kno??
k- nuff pigeon.

I rarely measure and I cook this recipe according to how I like the taste. These are the main ingredients. I like the marinade to be a little on the sweet side so I add extra brown sugar.
There is no need to peel garlic or ginger once these have been grated because it is just for the marinade.

Once the marinade is made place the meat into a deep bowl or pot and pour marinade over the meat. 24 hours in fridge over night.

These are best if cooked over a hot coal grill. Constantly basting and turning.
May broil these ribs. Lay out on a foil lined cookie sheet. Make sure to watch these. Coat with additional marinade and turn and repeat the process again.

These are eye rolling in the back of your head, GOOD!!
Marinating sauce. Add 3 cups soyu sauce and add 3 cups water. 1 cup brown sugar and 4 cloves garlic or 3 TBS. garlic pieces and 3 TBS ginger. Taste marinade. It should be sweet yet tangy. Adjust to taste.

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