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Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to make DUCT TAPE ROSE pens and pencils (3 posts 'til private)

Supplies needed: 2 rolls of ductape. One for the flower petal and green for the stem.
Scissors, and pens or pencils.

Time: At least 15minutes. AS you become more efficient it will drop.

Meet our Instructor: Yadira

Step one: Cut 20 2x2 inch squares, or 2.5 inches. It isn't crucial that you stick to these measurements. It will vary the size of your petals and no rose is perfect. (except for mine) because I worship perfection.

Step 2: Hold tape so that the long sides are up and down. You want to be looking at a rectangle tape.

Fold the right corner over, so that you leave a bit of the tape on the side, showing. The end result will look like an "L"

Step 3: Fold the left corner making a triangle and aligning with tape. You will have sticky tape showing from the bottom.

Step 4: Take pen or pencil and place in middle of tape. If you want to hide the eraser or the top of the pen, position the pen so that it is farther down the tape.

Step 5: Wrap tightly around base of pen or pencil.

Step 6: Keep adding petals. "like wrapping a bandaid. Start with petal slightly at an angle. You need to leave a bit of space with your finger but if you wrap the petal at an angle, this will allow for your petals to fall nicely. MAKE SURE YOURE PETALS ARE EVENLY SPACED!

Step 7: Cut 4 green squares and fold exactly the same way. These are the small green petals at the base of every rose.

Step 8: Measure pen and cut green tape slightly shorters. Take one strip of green tape and wrap evenly and smoothly around pen

:: If you are using a pencil, please make smaller strips and then wrap your pencil.
This will allow you to tear the duct tape off in strips so that you may still sharpen and use your pencils.

A huge thank you to Yadira for teaching us how to make these! This is how my daughters are earning money to get to Carowinds! They are selling pens for $2 each.

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Life with Kaishon said...

These are really cute : ) What a fun idea! Maybe we can try this tomorrow! Thank you!