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Friday, September 4, 2009

Pillsbury Donuts or Seminary Donuts

M, asked for these for her birthday cake.
These donuts have been a tradition in the Solomon Family. Bill's dad would make them for his seminary class every Friday morning and they have been passed down to each of his children, and then to his grandchildren. Everyone who spends the night at our house RAVES over these babies. They are so simple and good too.

4 cans of Pillsbury rolls (we use 4 because there are 6 of us) but who am I kidding? I could eat a can all by myself.
wax paper
A skillet filled with oil, enough so rolls will float in oil. Not necessary to cover.
A medicine bottle, to create the hole.
Confectioners sugar

Lay out wax paper on cookie sheet or counter.

open cans of bisquits and place individually on waxed paper. Use an empty medicine bottle to create the donut holes. Pierce through each one and save the circles for the end.

Heat oil in skillet until hot. Place as many donuts in skillet as you can easily flip with a fork.
Turn when donuts turn golden brown.

while donuts are browning make a glaze for donuts.
confecioners sugar
vanilla and just a little water
Dip in glaze, let drip and then place on plate!

These should be called magical donuts because they disappear so quickly. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like them.


Sue said...

I am going to make those donuts.Thanks for the recipe

Grunt Designer said...

I made these with my grandmother. We didn't make the glaze, we would toss them into a brown paper bag with sugar and give them a finger lickin' good coating.