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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spiderweb pizzas!

I love woman's day and this is what I found! Please go here for the professional version.

Ingredients needed:
Jar of speghetti sauce
personal pizzas or english muffins
string cheese

One English muffin and cut in half.

Add speghetti sauce to the top of muffin

Add pepperoni to muffin and sauce

Take string cheese and pull apart very thin strips and make 3 circles in around the muffin. Then add string parallel to the circles and your web is made.

For one spider you will need 3 olives

Take one olive and cut it in half length wise. You now have the body for two seperate spiders.

Take another olive and cut in half to form circles.

Take your third olive and just snip off the tip of the olive on both sides. This is the head of the spider.

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