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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ground Hog Hot Chocolate

You all know how I absolutely adore celebrating any holiday possible! When I came across this I just knew I would add these to our day! You can even end the day with playing wack a mole!
These are absolutely the cutest things to have waiting for your children at all ages! An unexpected surprise was they slowly began to sink back into their hole as the hot chocolate melted them! It lended for squeels of delight!
I have to thank this fabulous woman! I love her sight and go there for many holiday ideas! (I can think up a few of my own occassionally).
For in detail pictures and directions please click GOURMET MOM. but, I am absolutely sure you will want to bookmark her and sign up to have her wonderful ideas sent straight to your email! I did! So, here's the main link.
Now, let me share, what you will need:
Ground Hog Hot Chocolate
Hot cocoa, mug and saucer
chocolate wafer cookies. ( I got mine at walmart and used their thin mint double fudge)
mini marshmellows (I cut the mini in half and then halved the half)
chocolate quik melts (choc chips won't be strong enough to hold your ground hog to the cup)
green sprinkle sugar
I used heart candies for the nose. You could use anything red.
Pictures should be self explanatory
He is absolutely adorable!
To make the face! I took one chocolate mint double fudge wafer and
used quik melt to stick two chocolate chips to the top to make ears.

I then took a mini marshmellow and cut that in half and then cut the half
in half again! Making 4 eyes total! I took two marshmellows and glued
them using chocolate to the wafer cookie and then used a tooth pick with
some melted chocolate and made eye balls on my marshmellows.
Be sure to use some of that melted chocolate to draw his shadow on the saucer.
Next for the nose and mouth. I couldn't find those adorable sprinkles that
Gourmet mom used so I just went to the cake aisle and improvised. You do
the same. Other suggestions could be red hots, sprinkles or even making your own
with a small heart cookie cutter and a fruit roll up.
I didn't think my ground hog stood up tall enough so I chose to glue my ground
hog head to another wafer making his body. I then used the quik melt and put it
onto the wafer and placed him to the inside rim!

With the whipped cream spray a generous amount, a huge mound right
behind your ground hog and sprinkle with green sugar! Also be sure to
sprinkle some green sugar on your saucer! VOILA, he is done!
OH no, there goes our ground hog! He is going back into his hole! This
year he didn't see his shadow! So, I just turned the saucer around.
bye bye Phil.

My daughter chose to save him with her spoon! I let mine rest
peacefully back in his hole and it flavored my cocoa very nicely!

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