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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ground Hog pancakes

To Go with our ground hog hot chocolate! We had to have ground hog pancakes and I again, I bow to Gourmet Mom on-the-Go!
I have to admit hers came out cuter but what my kids don't know won't hurt them! I'm a firm believer of that, policy especially when it comes to food related things! Who says you have to tell them that the brownies they love so much are filled with yummy delicious pureed vegetables! NOT ME! Mums the word! The ingredients needed:

Pancake batter
green food coloring
donut holes
mini mm's ( you will use these for eyes and nose) I did not use them. You may omit
mini marshmellows
peanut butter or butterscotch chocolate chips
and half an apple for each pancake you make.

A few of the ingredients! Go ahead and assemble the faces of the ground hog and
slice your apples in half! The apple helps to make the mound of the pancake.
Make your pancake batter according to directions and add green food coloring until it
is the color to your liking!

Assemble ground hog head
Take your donut hole and place your butterscotch or peanut butter chip on both sides of the hole.
These will form the ears. I used melted chocolate and dotted my eyes with a toothpick
and then I used red gel to make the nose! Gourmet mom's pancakes were cuter but like I said, use
what you have and your kids will still believe you are the bomb!
Place half an apple on bottom of plate. You could add peanut butter if you so desire.
Then place your pancake on top of the apple.
Cut a small hole out of the top of your pancake. I just dug a hole out. It looked more
realistic. Place your ground hog donut head in hole.
My little ground hog was so scared with what he saw that he dropped little ground hog
pellets all around his hole before he retreated back in!
Such a cute and adorable breakfast! Can't wait for the rest of the day! and once again, thank you
Gourmet mom on-the-go