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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Breaded EggPlant

This is another childhood recipe of my grandma's that I have shared with my family! My children all scrunched their noses at what I brought in and what it looked like cut. Aden was first to say I don't like that. He hadn't even tried it. I was a little perturbed and replied, "Aden, when is the last time I have made something that you did not like or would not eat??"" : dead silence: EXACTLY MY POINT! I have never lied to my children about food and tastes. I know their taste buds. I was never lied to about food and whether or not I would like it. So, I have always told them if I thought they would like it or not. We try new foods all the time.

THIS IS A HIT IN OUR HOME! and they are all anxious to try this strange new vegetable. I am going to bake it next time. I loved that my grandparents had a garden when I was younger. It gave me a love for fresh vegetables. It makes me want to have a garden too.

FEATURING: Bread crumbs, garlic herb seasoning and eggs, and eggplant
Wash and slice eggplant as you would a tomato.
Mix bread crumbs. if you do not have bread crumbs, toast your own in the oven. Tear peices of bread apart and place them on a cookie sheet. Toss them in the oven on 350 or you can broil. When toasted remove and crush gently in a plastic ziploc bag.

Dip each slice of eggplant into egg and coat with bread crumb and garlic herb mixture. I use 1 cup herb mixture.
In a hot skillet add 3TBL garlic oil and let pan get hot. When hot add breaded eggplant and cook. Allow to cook for 2 or 3 minutes until tender and brown. If it browns too quickly turn down heat. You want the eggplant to be tender. FLIP! and repeat the same process.
Remove from skillet onto a paper towel plate and let drain. Serve with a seasoned dressing sauce. Mayonaisse, milk and texas hot pete sauce. Drizzle over the top and serve! HMmm... Mmmm... Good

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The Mama Hood said...

I have only had Eggplant one time and my Mom in law fried it, I really didn't like it! This recipe makes me want to try it again! Thanks Chrys!