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Monday, May 18, 2009


We ate artichokes growing up. I remember going to my grandma's house and she serving these and then my mom would make them for us too. I would eat two by myself! I loved them.
What is it?
It is a big thistle plant that is native to the Mediterranean.
How to choose an artichoke?
Choose artichokes that are dark green, heavy, and have "tight" leaves. Don't select chokes that are dry looking or appear to be turning brown. If the leaves appear too "open" then the choke is past its prime.
How to store an artichoke?
It should be stored in a plastic bag and refridgerated.
How to cook an artichoke.

Peel off all dark or brown leaves.

I choose a heavy deep pot and steam the chokes. Make sure lid is secure. Add salt to water and bring to a boil. Add artichokes.
Put lid on and bring to a simmer 30 to 40 minutes. You want to make sure that your artichokes are tender all the way through.

Serve hot or chilled. Chilled artichokes have more flavor.

How to eat an artichoke?
Pull each leaf off the choke and hold the pointed end between your fingers and only scrape the bottom portion of the inside leaf. Serve with melted butter or olive oil and course salt. You may use lemon butter or mayonaisse.
Sorry, I couldn't pick my camera up to show how to pluck the leaves off and eat because I was eating it too fast.

Be sure to put out a plate for the discarded leaves.

Look, I think she likes it!

Yes, in fact, all of the children liked it! Mr. Incredible wouldn't try. wimp!

Most of the artichoke can be eaten all the way through.
When you get to the fuzzy part you have reached the prize.

Scoop the fuzzy part out with a spoon or just pull it off. The base of the artichoke is edible and is referred to as the heart of the artichoke. This is the best part! Dip in salt and butter and eat. Smile as it goes all the way down. yumm.

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